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Georg Nees

Georg Nees (23 June 1926 – 3 January 2016) was a German academic who was a pioneer of computer art and generative graphics. He studied mathematics, physics and philosophy in Erlangen and Stuttgart and was scientific advisor at the SEMIOSIS, International Journal of semiotics and aesthetics.[1] In 1977, he was appointed Honorary Professor of Applied computer science at the University of Erlangen[2] Nees is one of the “3N” computer […]

Manuel Barbadillo

Manuel Barbadillo is one of the early proponents of computer art in Spain. He´s also a founding member of the group Nueva Generación in Madrid and a member of the artistic board of the Gesellschaft für Computerkunst und Computergrafik, which was founded in 1978. Barbadillo received the Pablo-Ruiz-Picasse-Prize in 1999. He is member of the […]

Hiroshi Kawano

Hiroshi Kawano may correctly claim to have been among the very first in the world who experimented with a computer to generate visual works that could enter the domain of art. His pioneering position is exceptional insofar as he came to digital art from philosophy, i.e. neither from mathematics/engineering (like Nees, Noll, Nake) nor from […]

Desmond Paul Henry

Desmond Paul Henry (1921-2004) ranks among one of the few early British pioneers of Computer Art/Graphics of the 1960’s. During this period he constructed a total of three mechanical drawing machines (in 1960, ’63 and ’67) based around the components of analogue bomb-sight computers. Henry’s second drawing machine and its effects were included in the […]

A. Michael Noll

A. MICHAEL NOLL is Professor Emeritus of Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. He taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the fundamental science and technology of communication systems, and he continues to study the policy and social implications of communication technologies. He was Dean of the School for […]

Vera Molnar

Vera Molnar is a Hungarian-born artist, born in Budapest in 1924. She is considered a pioneer of digital art and algorithmic art. Steeped in a pictorial legacy characteristic of the Eastern Europe, she moved to Paris in 1947 to develop an experimental and highly committed work. She lives in Paris, where she continued her artistic […]