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Alfred GraßI

Studied Information Technology at the Technical University of Vienna, 1966-1970 assistant professor at the Technical University of Vienna, member of “ars intermedia” from 1966 to 1978. “ars intermedia” was founded 1966 by Otto Beckmann in Vienna, end of activities in 1980. Among first members: Otto Beckmann, Alfred Graßl, Oskar Beckmann, Gerd Koepf, Gerhard Schedl.

Yoshiyuki Abe

Yoshiyuki Abe studied Photographic Engineering at Chiba University in Japan. His principal fields of interest are algorithmic art, stochastic processes, photography, and filmmaking. His work uses geometric objects, mostly the surfaces of hyperbolic paraboloids, and the processing of stochastic elements. For decades, his work has been shown at international electronic arts exhibitions. He also writes […]

Sture Johannessen

Sture Johannesson (born 1935, Sweden) is a self-taught artist who started out as a member of the Scandinavian wing of the Situationist International. During the latter half of the 1960s, he produced a series of colourful, highly detailed and coded posters that expressed countercultural lifestyle and protest. The posters were printed in large editions and […]

Jean Pierre Hebert

Jean-Pierre Hébert is a conceptual artist who avidly explores and participates in the emergence of postmodernism. His interests lie mainly in the analysis and understanding of the latent rules, styles, trends, mania, recipes behind modern or contemporary art, and in their interpretation, extension, adoption, integration, adaptation. Genes and algorithms identified, re-energized. Essence and gist remixed […]

Ben Laposky

Benjamin Francis Laposky (1914–2000) was a mathematician, artist and draftsman in Cherokee, Iowa. He has been credited with making the first computer graphics, utilizing an oscilloscope as the creation medium for abstract art. In 1953 he released what he called “Oscillons” (or oscillogram designs) along with a corresponding thesis entitled “Electronic Abstractions” via a gallery […]