2000 Improvisations Celebrating 2000 years

signed and dated lower right in graphite titled lower left in graphite description from direct communication with the artist: “Each version in this series consists of 2000 original variations without repeats. Some of the series anticipating Y2K date from 1999 while others were completed in the year 2000. Versions exist in several varied dark toned […]


signed in ink lower left artist’s name, title, date, and copyright printed lower left

Cyberflower, Version 7, Number 7

signed, titled, and dated lower right description from direct communication with the artist: “The black text-like glyphs in this work are non-rational forms. The algorithm driving this series generates its curvilinear procedures from a single set of coordinates. Algorithmic improvisations based on a single set of coordinates introduce a self similarity that permeates the form […]