Basic Info

Name: Systaime
Country of Origin: FR


Artist of the multimedia and the networks, Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime is the founder of the movement French Trash Touch, he is an important actor of the international alternative artistic network, the digital art and the art in network.

Michaël Borras works on numerous international artistic events as producer, organizer, speaker, art curator .

In 2011, he is the inspirator and the founder of the Spamm, the Museum of the Super Modern Arts.

Since 2012, he is also columnist for the tv show L’Oeil de Links broadcasted on Chaine Canal +.

In Mars 2013, he organizes with Ellectra Radikal the exhibition « Spamm Cupcake » in New York at invitation of Marc Brown. In July, 2013, He realizes the clip « Sexodrome » for Asia Argento and creates the visuals for the show « Total Entropy » in Silencio the David Lynch’s exclusive club in Paris. In the end of July, 2013, He organizes with Miyö Van Stenis and Helena Acosta, the exhibition « Spamm Dulce » in the museum of contemporary art of Caracas in Venezuela.

In June 2014, he partnered with Nicolas Kantorowicz (Sporto Kantes, Ex Wampas) to create: Systaime X Kantes. With Dj Kantes (Nicolas Kantorowizc), they are invited by the French Institute for a tour in Indonesia and Thailand, they realize audio / video lives in the cities of Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali and Bangkok. In July 2014, he organized the Festival « Digital Vision ». In September 2014, he organized with Helena Acosta and Alan Schaffer the exhibition « Spamm Webtics » in New York.

In March 2015 he produced the interactive video « Baba » for The Band ODEZENNE, in April he organizes with Helena Accosta « Spamm Of Virtualism » exhibition at Babycastles Gallery in New York, the EKLUZ gallery in Paris and the Electromuseum in Moscow simultaneously. In July 2015, Systaime remixed Eurocks, performing an in situ performance and networks during the festival « the Eurockéennes » in collaboration with the Espace Multimedia Gantner.

In April 2016 he was invited by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to present his work at a conference and an audio / video live . In May 2016 he is a part of Athens Digital Arts Festivall, he also presents his solo show at the gallery Jed Voras in Paris.In May 2016 he also took part in the Athens Digital Arts Festival in Greece. In June, he participated to the auction MAT ( Movement Art Technology).In September 2016 he is a part of the collective exhibition « Ways of Something , Dreamlands » at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, he also took a part of the exhibition « A Coincidences # 4 Day » in the Platform Gallery in Paris. In October he participated to Variation Media Art Fair 2016 at the « Cité Internationale des Arts » in Paris. In 2017, he participated to « WRO Media Art biennale » at Wroclaw (Poland). In May 2017, he is organizing the Spamm Power exhibition, which will be presented online and in physics in different countries. At the end of 2017, he is invited in residence by The School in Hasselt in Belgium, he also presents two Solo Shows in Arles during the Databit Me Festival and in Lisbon at the Zaratan Gallery. In 2018 he is invited by EP7 for a Solo Show in Paris and he is a part of the Festival Ars Electronica.

In 2019, he presents two Solo Show in London, at Arebyte Gallery and Watermans Arts Centers. He participates in Artrooms Fairs, Free Vision of the Best Digital Sub / Culture in Rome, Italy, at the International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture, Santa Cruz, Argentina. He also participates in the Blockchain Conference: Usages and Perspectives at Maison de L’UNESCO, Paris. He also is a part of Die Digitale Overload Festival in Düsseldorf, Germany. He is co-curator with David Quiles Guillo for The Wrong Epicentre and organizes more than 20 physical exhibitions in Spain.

Systaime, it is the anti-system of the art. Systaime, A.K.A Michaël Borras, is a pure shoot of Net, a datamoshing and smash up virtuoso. what ? Don’t u live in the snares of Web ? Aren’t emoticons and other favicons part of your vocabulary? Systaime dethrones the icons of the webculture as others unbolted the statues of Lenin, Stalin or Moubarak. Without hierarchy nor respect, he copies like crazy, uses and makes and over uses The Internet foklore, that visual culture which did not stop coming out screens down to streets, to fashion, to people.

The French Trash Touch creator mixes the pop culture, net culture, low and high culture. Systaime is an alive embodiment of the flow. The flow? This continuous and almost infinite heap of datas, these datas made with the zero and the one of the digital universe, the basis of all images, videos, sounds circulating on our screens, phones, computers. Lol cats and boobs, same fight! Systaime deteriorates, with the help of his digital scissors, signs, symbols, images, video clips of our network culture.
Systaime moves, opens up, destroys to bring a new breath in his videos, tweetos and other images the spirit of pirates, of pionners of the cyberculture. Brilliantly, shining (like diamonds), glittering and always with a great sense of humor. His life is a flow as his art is a remix of the flow. How to plan the internet flow ? Impossible but for sure Systaime’s exhibition will spot the space.

Systaime exhibits himself and the Web, without licked screen nor trickle of flashy modern media . We will see the anonymous samples of our vernacular contents, we will get our digital addictions slim minced, electronic waste recycled in Systaime way, a theory of thread and paper, frames and other contributions. Systaime does not sort out, he accumulates , grazing politicians by pushing them to silence, spamming like crazy to occupy the net as the space.

The historic agitator who, with his Super Art Modern Museum ( SPAMM ), gained widespread acceptance by exposing on-line and in town the Tom Thumbs of the digital culture, from Caracas to Milan, from New York to Brussels, from the Internet to Irl. In the scrubland of signs which he has deposited, each one of us will look for his own way, with Systaime mantras as the only subliminal advices. reject the smooth excess and the quite virtual, forget the ambient digital standardization, choose bricolo-techno rather than the giant of the hi-tech, live the flow!

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