Basic Info

Name: Quasimondo
Country of Origin: DE


Quasimondo (Mario Klingemann) is an artist and a skeptic with a curious mind. His preferred tools are neural networks, code and algorithms. His interests are manifold and in constant evolution, involving artificial intelligence, deep learning, generative and evolutionary art, glitch art, data classification and visualization or robotic installations. If there is one common denominator it’s his desire to understand, question and subvert the inner workings of systems of any kind. He also has a deep interest in human perception and aesthetic theory.

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Hic et Nunc – State of the Art – March 25th 2021

An aggregation clustering arrangement of 10135 tokens minted on hic et nunc until today. The works are arranged by their color similarity and include failed minting attempts, some formats like SVG, HTML or GLM have not yet been included. Tokens by banned accounts have been removed.