Wendelin Niedlich

Wendelin Niedlich, an acclaimed bookseller, publisher and gallerist in Stuttgart, Germany, was the owner of Niedlich’s Buchladen, a well-known cultural center, gallery and bookshop. He organized an exhibition of graphic works by Frieder Nake and George Nees titled Computer-Grafik Programme in November 1965, which was the world’s third computer graphics exhibition and attracted international attention. Born in […]

Willi Müller-Brittnau

Willy Müller was a Swiss artist best-known for his geometric paintings and silk-screen prints. He attended the Zurich University of the Arts in 1954-55, then, like many Swiss artists at the time, began working as a retoucher and graphic designer in Zofingen. Around 1960, inspired by Henri Matisse and Ellsworth Kelly, he began to produce […]

William Alan Fetter

William Fetter was a graphic designer and artist recognized for being a pioneer in the field of computer graphics. Fetter’s well-known 1964 “First Man” or “Boeing Man”, a short animation of a pilot, meant to be used in films, was the earliest example of a human figure generated by computer. He is widely credited with […]

William J. Kolomyjec

Kolomyjec was one of the first computer artists who, through his work, firmly related to and studied the pioneers of computer art. He studied at the Michigan State University in East Lansing Michigan and, as one of the first, graduated in the subject of “Computer Art”. He ascribed to Computer Art a role that would […]

Wu Jian’an

Wu Jian’an was born in Beijing in 1980. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 2002. In 2005, he earned a masters degree in Fine Art at Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), then joint the faculty of CAFA. He currently lives and works in Beijing, as professor and master instructor […]


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Yoshiyuki Abe

Yoshiyuki Abe uses geometric objects and stochastic processes to create his often colorful and chaotic “algorithmic visual art”. He earned his B.E. in Photographic Engineering at Chiba University in Japan, then his M.A.Sc., before beginning freelance work as a director and sound recording engineer on films. In the early ’90s, he began producing inkjet prints […]

Zach Lieberman

Zach Lieberman’s oeuvre is largely based on “augmenting the body’s ability to communicate” (Systemis). He holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from Hunter College and both a B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, where he now teaches graphics programming classes. Lieberman has exhibited his work and held residencies around the […]

Zdenek Sykora

Born in 1920 in Louny, a town in Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic, Zdeněk Sýkora is internationally recognized as a prominent experimental painter and artist. He began painting in 1940, studying art education and geometry at Charles University in Prague from 1945-47. His initial works, mainly landscapes, depicted the area around his hometown of Louny, especially […]