Colborn Bell

Basic Info

Name: Colborn Bell
Country of Origin: US


Colborn Bell is co-founder of the vast Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA), which houses over 250 NFTs, and which he started with fellow crypto enthusiast Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile. When asked what motivated him to invest so much time and money into MoCA’s NFT collection, he responded, “At a certain point, investing in these digital worlds led us to the discussion, ‘What is the world we want to create? And what is the world that we want to see?’”

As Colborn brings up, collecting and displaying NFTs is a way to help form the future world he wants to be a part of. As he puts it, “[MoCA is] a first stop where you can begin to understand what metaverse spaces of the future could look like, and how we can begin to reimagine museums, galleries, and virtual worlds of the future.”

To Colborn and Pablo, purchasing NFTs for the MoCA collection is about so much more than making a financial investment—it’s about trying new things and experimenting in order to help the next paradigm of culture come into view. As Pablo describes it, “We didn’t want to be speculators. We didn’t want to come here just to make a few hundred bucks flipping NFTs. Instead, we want to help lay the foundation of what this world can become, because we truly believe this approach is going to be the future of immersive artistic experiences.”

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