Art & Algorithm * Mind & Science

Basic Information

Title: Art & Algorithm * Mind & Science
Artist(s): Roman Verostko
Date Created: 1991


Each poster was plotted as an original “one-of-a-kind” in a family of forms. Note that the text is also drawn with pen & ink. My code includes spacing, sizing, and some special graphic features for drawing the letters into my work. I have yet to exploit this feature more fully but I did do a poem of George Boole’s with this feature.

This is one of a series I made as an announcement of a Symposium on Algorithmic Art that I planned and directed at MCAD. This symposium was held in conjunction with an exhibition of my work that accompanied the launching of my limited edition of the George Boole edition. See my notes at the bottom of the page at

Sadly some were abused and other ignored, destroyed or lost.


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The Manchester Illuminated Universal Turing Machine, Version 18

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