Herbert W. Franke

Herbert W. Franke (born 14 May 1927 in Vienna) is an Austrian scientist and writer. Die Zeit calls him “the most prominent German writing Science Fiction author”. He is also active in the fields of future research, speleology as well as computer graphics and digital art. Franke studied physics, mathematics, chemistry, psychology and philosophy in […]

Hiroshi Kawano

Hiroshi Kawano may correctly claim to have been among the very first in the world who experimented with a computer to generate visual works that could enter the domain of art. His pioneering position is exceptional insofar as he came to digital art from philosophy, i.e. neither from mathematics/engineering (like Nees, Noll, Nake) nor from […]

Jean Pierre Hebert

Jean-Pierre Hébert is a conceptual artist who avidly explores and participates in the emergence of postmodernism. His interests lie mainly in the analysis and understanding of the latent rules, styles, trends, mania, recipes behind modern or contemporary art, and in their interpretation, extension, adoption, integration, adaptation. Genes and algorithms identified, re-energized. Essence and gist remixed […]