Desmond Paul Henry

Desmond Paul Henry (1921-2004) ranks among one of the few early British pioneers of Computer Art/Graphics of the 1960’s. During this period he constructed a total of three mechanical drawing machines (in 1960, ’63 and ’67) based around the components of analogue bomb-sight computers. Henry’s second drawing machine and its effects were included in the […]

Edward Zajec

Edward Zajec was among the pioneers in the 1960s, and more recently is professor of computer graphics at the School of Art and Design at Syracuse University. His focus has been real-time artworks originating in his paintings, which used repetition and redundancy, then developed with the use of computers from 1968. While his films have […]

Frieder Nake

Frieder Nake belongs to the founding fathers of (digital) computer art. He produced his first works in 1963. He first exhibited his drawings at Galerie Wendelin Niedlichin Stuttgart in November 1965. His early work was influenced by Max Bense’sInformation Aesthetics. Until 1969, he went through a succession of increasingly complex programs, from machine language to […]