Oskar Beckmann

Basic Info

Name: Oskar Beckmann
Date of Birth: August 2, 1942
Country of Origin: AT


Son of the computer artist Otto Beckmann, Oskar was an engineer and telecommunications scientist who constructed the hybrid computer that his father used for his artwork. Oskar “was familiar with electronic data processing and Markov generators from his studies (…) and he decided to build a special-purpose computer for his father. He started the development of what became known as the studio computer in 1969.”(Oberquelle and Beckmann, 2008, p. 23)

In 1970, Beckmann created the a.i.70 (the name stands for ars intermedia and the year 1970), which was followed by improved versions. The studio computer’s development was honored in 1972 with the Austrian “Adolf Schärf Award for the Advancement of Science”. Beckmann continued to develop and refine his computer models throughout the 1970s.

Oskar Beckmann was also a founding member of ars intermedia, the experimental working group created by his father in 1966. The goal of the group was to study and experiment with computer technology for artistic uses.


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